Empowering Latino youth to lead and strengthen their communities through college and career readiness.


Crystal Anguiano

LIA is my famiLIA because they have seen me grow from sophomore to my senior year in high school. Not only that, but they have seen me through the hard times I've had with my parents and they have pushed me to become more than I thought I could be. LIA is my power!

Eder F. Hernandez.

LIA is my famiLIA because it brings enjoyment through the process of helping others.


Be the model for Latino youth engagement through personal assets, excellence in education, service, and leadership.


Elizabeth E. Perez, M.Ed.

I truly enjoy every moment I spend with my Latinos In Action students at the University of Utah. I had served as an LIA teacher at Cyprus High School in Magna before taking on my current job at the University of Utah. I was thrilled when I learned I could continue to work with LIA in my new role because I’ve seen what a difference this program can make for students.

Skylar Kendell

It has been amazing being a first year Latinos in Action teacher! These students have felt like famiLIA since the first month we were together. It has given me a new passion for teaching. There is a COMPLETELY different vibe in LIA. These kids care so much about making an impact on the school and the community. They come to me all the time about ways to serve. These kids have saved my faith in the upcoming generation. They are good, hard working, professional, fun and so caring. No matter how stressed I am, or what kind of day I’m having, I always look forward to 7th period.


In order to participate in an LIA class, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher. The majority of LIA students currently maintain a 3.2 GPA and many are well above that average. Students are expected to engage in extracurricular activities, which help these students integrate into their school environments


LIA students are required to engage in service opportunities within their local communities at least once a semester. The intent of this course requirement is to allow students to give back to their communities and also offers an avenue of resources to their own families and neighbors.


LIA is a leadership class taught at the high school and junior high/middle school level by a highly-qualified and committed educator. The robust LIA curriculum trains students as paraprofessionals and leaders.

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